88Fusion ProPod Lite Pre-Filled Pods (4 Pack)

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You will love the vibrant taste of 88Fusion, a layered flavour that offers an uplifting blend of notes. Mixed grapes provide a sweet and fruity inhale before a hint of aniseed comes through to lend depth to the taste. A blast of menthol on the exhale delivers a chilly finish and completes every puff with a refreshing twist. 

There are four pods in the pack, each filled with 1.6ml of 50VG/50PG nic salts e liquid. You can choose your nicotine strength – 12mg or 18mg. Fit an 88Vape pod to your Propod Lite device and vape until the juice runs dry. Then, discard the pod and start vaping with another. You will never need to replace your coils and you don’t have to sacrifice flavour to enjoy such impressive convenience. 88Vape 88Fusion ProPod Lite Pre-Filled Pods feature:

Compatible with the ProPd Lite
Pack of 4 pods
Each pod loaded with 1.6ml of e liquid
Grape, aniseed and menthol flavour
Salt nicotine
Nicotine strength of 12mg or 18mg

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