Double Apple Disposable Vape Pen - Crystal Bar (2ml)

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If you enjoy your fruity blends, Double Apple is guaranteed to please your palate with every puff. The fusion of crisp and sweeter apple notes really works and delivers a flavour you can vape all day. Better still, the e liquid here is completed by salt nicotine for smooth throat hits and almost immediate relief of your cravings. The nicotine strength is 20mg.

IVG Crystal Bar disposable vape pens are stylish e cigs with polished finishes. Each is prefilled with 2ml of e liquid and boasts a 550mAh battery. That means you can expect to benefit from around 600 puffs. The devices are easy to use as they are inhale activated and they are compact choices that are ideal for life out and about. Simply vape until the e liquid runs dry or the battery gives up the ghost and then discard the pen. You can then start vaping with another and switch flavours if you wish. There are many impressive favours to sample in the Crystal Bar range but don’t miss Double Apple.

550mAh Battery
Prefilled with 2ml of e liquid
Delivers 600 puffs
Fruity flavour
Salt nicotine
Nicotine strength of 20mg

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