Blackcurrant Squash Disposable Vape Pen - Diamond 600 Series (2ml)

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What are you looking for in your next disposable? Great flavour perhaps and certainly convenience. What about salt nicotine? With this vape pen you get all of that and more! Boasting a 500mAh battery and prefilled with 2ml of e liquid, this Diamond 600 vape pen gives you plenty of puffs and it is inhale activated for ease of use. It’s snazzy and compact into the bargain, making it ideal for life and about and so this e cig would suit both beginners and active vapers. All you need to do is vape until the juice runs dry or the battery gives up the ghost and then discard the pen.

The Diamond 600 collection features 20 delicious flavours and so you have impressive variety at your disposal. You could kick things off with Blackcurrant Squash, a fresh and fruity blend that never feels too much. The juice contains salt nicotine for smooth throat hits and swift relief of your cravings. With its nicotine strength of 20mg, it would suit ex-smokers.

500mAh battery
2ml e liquid
Fruit drink flavour
Up to 600 puffs
Mesh coil
Salt nicotine
Nicotine strength of 20mg

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